Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Holiday Reflection 2012

This time of year is always bittersweet for me...while I celebrate Christ's birth and enjoy precious time with family and friends, this is also the time of year that I lost the first man in my father. Though I am saddened each year by that void, and accept fully how that loss has shaped the person I've become, those shadows are tempered by the brilliance of the light that is my mother's love. It is unfailing, unconditional, indestructible...and I thank God for her. As many of my friends have made final goodbyes to their parents, over the last couple of years, I am so grateful for EVERY day God grants me to share with MyMama on this side of Heaven. She is my coach, my champion, and my number one you celebrate this year, take a moment, step out of the mundane pettiness of your lives and really appreciate your loved ones. Hope you had a Merry Christmas! Peace & Blessings in the new year!!! And that's all folks!

P.S. I know I said I'd be blogging more regularly...but it just hadn't happened yet...maybe that will be my New Year's Resolution...on second thought, nah...Lord KNOWS I never keep those!!!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Oh, Yeah...I Blog, Too!!!

This is a pic of me (and my curly fro') in my absolute favorite t-shirt ever!!! This pic is old, so this shirt is now slightly less green with a few signs of wear and tear...but, still perfectly don't judge me. It is the perfect look for myself and my many task managerially challenged cohorts. Want one for yourself? Here's a pretty fair replica:

I am not one of those fanatical (read organized) bloggers who regiments a blogging schedule and sticks to it...nope, that's too much like a grown-up. I'm more of a I-was-reading-someone-else's-blog-and-remembered-that-I-had-one-too type of blogger. I you can's been a while!

It's really unfortunate because I always have so many things I want to share: natural hair care tips/products/pics, travel tips/products/pics, educational tips for parents, teachers and homeschoolers, and of course MY AWESOME OPINIONS. The problem is I just never really make the time.


I have realized that in order for me to get to the level I am pursuing in entrepreneurship, I absolutely have to do better. (I will blog at some point about how I didn't have ANY time-management skills until I went to nursing school, at a later date.) So I will, for the first time, seek to consciously adhere to a rigorous and demanding, PRE-DETERMINED schedule in this self-governing role, with no oppressor (read boss) to act as taskmaster...starting with a weekly blog. I am my own system of checks and balances!!! So, in my best Mystikal imitation: Hea' I go, hea' I go, hea' I go...

Peace to you and yours...

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