Friday, August 31, 2012

Oh, Yeah...I Blog, Too!!!

This is a pic of me (and my curly fro') in my absolute favorite t-shirt ever!!! This pic is old, so this shirt is now slightly less green with a few signs of wear and tear...but, still perfectly don't judge me. It is the perfect look for myself and my many task managerially challenged cohorts. Want one for yourself? Here's a pretty fair replica:

I am not one of those fanatical (read organized) bloggers who regiments a blogging schedule and sticks to it...nope, that's too much like a grown-up. I'm more of a I-was-reading-someone-else's-blog-and-remembered-that-I-had-one-too type of blogger. I you can's been a while!

It's really unfortunate because I always have so many things I want to share: natural hair care tips/products/pics, travel tips/products/pics, educational tips for parents, teachers and homeschoolers, and of course MY AWESOME OPINIONS. The problem is I just never really make the time.


I have realized that in order for me to get to the level I am pursuing in entrepreneurship, I absolutely have to do better. (I will blog at some point about how I didn't have ANY time-management skills until I went to nursing school, at a later date.) So I will, for the first time, seek to consciously adhere to a rigorous and demanding, PRE-DETERMINED schedule in this self-governing role, with no oppressor (read boss) to act as taskmaster...starting with a weekly blog. I am my own system of checks and balances!!! So, in my best Mystikal imitation: Hea' I go, hea' I go, hea' I go...

Peace to you and yours...

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